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Slingco designs and manufacturers a wide selection of cable grip products (also known as cable socks, Chinese fingers, Chinese finger grips, cable stockings, wire mesh grips ) to meet the needs of different application types above ground, underground and underwater, including cables submerged under the sea.

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Slingco cable grips are used for offshore cable laying and installation including export cables, array cables and J-tube cables. They are installed in the oil, gas and renewable energy markets including oil rigs, sub sea installations, wind farms and wind turbines. Umbilical cables and ROVs also require cable grips for installation. Deep-sea cable burial, power cable installation, wind turbine installations will all use cable grips. Oil rig hose restraints, high-pressure off-shore hose restraints, vessel cable laying, sub sea cable management, sub sea cable support are all applications

These off-shore, marine applications – typically installed or managed for IT, telecommunications or oil and gas communications or telemetry purposes (including ROVs, otherwise known as Remotely Operated Vehicles) place particular demands on the cable pulling device, often referred to as Chinese fingers or Chinese finger grips.

The corrosive nature of the saline, salt-water off-shore marine environment requires the use of special off-shore Chinese fingers or Chinese finger grips. Slingco manufactures a range of cable grip products suitable for use by the off-shore industry including Heavy Duty Large OD Triple Weave Cable Grips. This range also includes single eye cable grips, double eye cable grips, offset eye cable grips, lace ucable grips, open ended cable grips; products for specialist applications such wind turbine cable grips and conduit riser cable grips; fiber optic pulling grips; applications requiring non-metallic (Aramid) cable grips with single eye, double eye or offset eye; support cable grips and custom pulling grips with large diameters and long lengths, which can be woven to special order.

So if you have an off-shore application that requires cable grips, then please contact us either by phone, fax or email to discuss your specific requirements for Slingco cable grips.

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