Tri & Quad Pulling Sling

Triangle connector

This staggered pulling sling is designed to allow the pulling of multiple conductors at the same time while minimizing the overall diameter of your pulling bundle. These pulling slings come in a three leg or four leg versions. One should use a swivel for each leg and at the head of the sling to release torsion and allow the conductors to rotate freely. The suggested swivels are listed with each model.

Full specifications are given in the table below.

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Slingco part no. Leg 1 Length Leg 2 Length Leg 3 Length Leg 4 Length Head of Sling Swivel Suggestion Leg Swivel Suggestion
  in mm in mm in mm in mm    
ZSH2264 20.5 520 34.65 880 52.75 1340 n/a n/a ZSW2092 ZSW2091
ZSH2265 20.5 520 34.65 880 52.75 1340 69.3 1760 ZSW2092 ZSW2092
Minimum break load – 5,000 lbs

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